Week of 9/5

Welcome AP Chem Students!

This year I will be posting actual blog posts that will update you on what we’ve done in class and provide links to assignments and other documents.

Just like last year, though, the unit tabs at the top will have the most complete information for a particular unit: links to answers, notes, documents and videos!

As we complete each day, I will update with  what we actually did.




  • Today we handed out books, set up your lab portfolio in google sites, answered questions about the density lab, went over some tips for studying/ the unit outline and objectives, then did some concept mapping, but were interrupted by a fire drill.
  • HW: read/do homework problems from chapter 2, finish density lab.


  • start with molecular level drawing, then do the molecular representations lab (posted in google classroom).


How Do We Know Atoms Exist from Maggie Wiseman on Vimeo.