Month: September 2012

Sept 28: Test Day

Today you took your test!  Homework is to do this tutorial on precipitation reactions.  Take notes (with pictures!!) and submit your tutorial results to my e-mail: marguerite dot wiseman at (but put a . in for dot and an @ for at)   Reaction Videos here show some examples of precipitation reactions.

Sept 27: Review Day

Today I handed out a challenge stoichiometry problem that involved 3 sequential reactions…after going over how to do that you all continued to work on the packet problems including the textbook problems. So for tomorrow you must have the following complete: All of page 1 75% of page 4 75% of page 5 All of […]

Sept 26: Solutions Review

Agenda 1. Review solutions 2. Make your 0.5 M (or whatever most concentrated solution) 3. Set-up lab notebook w/ appropriate data tables a) Data for making each level of IV b) Data you will take for each reaction c) Results (i.e. actual yield, theoretical yield,              percent yield) 4. Calculate theoretical yields for each […]

Sept 24: Percent yield

Agenda: Pop quiz on limiting reactant and dilutions? Tutorial: Dilutions, Submit completion to me via e-mail: marguerite dot wiseman @ Tutorial: Limiting Reactant, Submit completion to me via e-mail: marguerite dot wiseman @ Comments on labs Uncertainty on balance Use of uncertainties for calculated values “Commenting on results” what it means and using […]

Sept 19: Conservation of Mass and Mole Ratios Lab

Today we did a little smart board lesson on conservation of mass and the idea of mole ratios. You guys were supposed to balance reactions and draw pictures at the molecular level so that I could see that you understood what the coefficents meant, etc.  Then we completed the mole ratios lab.   Homework was […]

Sept 18: Solutions

Today we started with notes on the smart board (here’s a pdf copy).  We went over dissociation of ionic compounds and you did a piece of this activity. Homework is to do page 1 in giant worksheet packet (although doing page 4 would also be good since we did enough in class for you to […]

Sept 11: Work on Empricial formula virtual lab

Today we spent the short class completing the empirical formula virtual lab you started last class. I also handed out the lab for next class (Analysis of Alum) and a worksheet to help you with vocab on hydrates. Homework: Finish virtual empirical formula lab, read alum lab, you may also need to read the page […]