Month: October 2012

The Storm!

AP Chem students, If you are checking this, good! Please spread the word.  The plan is that the test on chapter 5 will occur on Wednesday during F and G!  

Week of 15-19

Monday we spent time reviewing for your double displacement reactions test on Tuesday by going through some of the practice problems in your double displacment reactions packet.   The second half of the class we spent doing more redox reaction practice – balancing redox reactions in basic solution and starting the microscale redox titration lab. Tuesday […]

Week of Oct 8-12

Announcements: Changes to schedule Next test: Tuesday, Oct 16 on Double Displacement Rxns only.  This includes net ionic rxns, drawing pictures of aqueous solutions and knowing solubility rules.  This will also count for a solutions retake for those of you that want it.  So review dilution calculations as well! Mon., Wed., Thurs. will be spent […]

Oct 5: Review and lab

Agenda for today is to complete lab work and practice reaction prediction for your quiz on Tuesday (Reactions objectives A, B, C on this unit outline (reactions tab)) Homework is to watch these videos and work on your lab write-up if possible: Intro to redox reactions Redox Introduction from Maggie Wiseman on Vimeo. How to […]

Oct 1-3rd: Reactions

Monday Oct 1st we started our new unit: reactions.  The goal was to review the various types of reactions and practice making predictions.  I handed out the new unit outline and a big packet of reactions practice that included acid naming, classification and generic prediction practice followed by metathesis reaction practice.   You should be able […]