Month: November 2012

Week of Nov 26th.

Equilibrium unit outline!  (Objectives can be found here, under the Equilibrium tab)  Test is Thursday, Dec. 6! On Monday, Nov 26th we reviewed a bit from the Reversible Reactions activity – including the definition of reversible reaction, dynamic equilibrium and examples that allow us to compare reactions that either “don’t happen”, “go to completion” or […]

Up to Thanksgiving

On Friday Nov. 16th, I needed to head to the Dr. so you all hung out in Mark Dickson’s room and worked on your practice test. Monday the 19th you took your test…ended up taking most if not all of the class. Ugh. Tuesday was short, but we did this little lesson on reversible reactions […]

Nov 15: rate constant and nuclear reactions

Today we started with a warm-up problem from the 1994 exam…don’t have a digital copy, though. Key points were that you needed to be able to do stoichiometry to solve for concentration at a later time and you needed to know what to do when there was an intermediate in the rate determining step.  . […]

Nov 13: Integrated Rate Laws

Today we did some review of integrated rate laws by doing problems 4-10 in ChemActivtity 58.  If you need help with this, check out the movies posted on the Unit 5 page of the blog. Homework is to watch this video and do some textbook problems!! Also, remember to wear proper lab attire tomorrow!

Week of Nov 5

Advice of the week: Read the book!! Monday I handed back the test and we talked about a couple of problems with the wording and a few places where lots of people made mistakes. Overall, the multiple choice sections were well done,though.  I also handed back the Boltzman distribution explanations.  Many of you needed improvements…talk […]

Hurricanes and Halloween

This week was crazy.  On Wed you took your gases test. Thursday we started the kinetics unit by starting with some demos and a simulations to learn collision theory. On Friday we reviewed collision theory, talked about the Boltzmann Distribution, did the Boltzmann Rock Paper Scissors Demo, and you wrote explanations of catalyst and temperature […]

Nov 1: Kinetics

Today we started with a little discussion of lab report ethics since I’d been having to confront a couple of you about collaborating too much on your lab work. Then while you waited for the simulation on the unit 5 page to load, I had you drawing bar graphs of the atoms with various speeds.  […]