Week of Dec 17

What a crazy week!

  • Monday: pKa lab…took a long time to get through the pre-lab part.  Showed video of how to do a titration, talked through Henderson-Hasselbach.
  • Tuesday: I went to the play so class was cancelled…hopefully you worked on reviewing for test
  • Wednesday: Test and Finish lab
  • Thursday: Volleyball and lab analysis
  • Friday: no class

Week of Dec 10

Monday: Finish equilibrium test… homework: Ksp lab

Tuesday: Review Acid Base properties with this and Chemactivity to learn Arrhenius and Bronsted Lowery definitions. Homework on calendar (review pH, pOH calculations)

Wednesday: Strong/Weak Acids exploration to see the difference in pH and conductivity.  conductivity did not work…must investigate this better next year! Rest of class working on Chemactivity to learn difference between Strong and weak in terms of dissociation, Ka and molecular level pictures.  Homework: pKa calculations

Thursday: Science Fair, no class

Friday: Review Strong and Weak, list strong acids, use Strong/weak chart to determine direction of a reaction of an acid and conjugate base, solve for concentration given pH and Ka of a weak acid. Homework: Ka and Kb problems.

Week of Dec 3

Monday:Ksp Lesson.  I typed up this lesson for us to work through, trying to make sure I taught you everything there was to know about Ksp, but I forgot to teach you how to handle common ions…next year!

Tuesday:Test review day. I gave out more practice Free Response and the weather was so nice most of you went outside!

Wednesday:Ksp lab! We used the Vernier lab and this pre-lab

Thursday: Test Day.  I was to be out, but I messed up the substitue situation so you only had 1/2 a block to work on it.

Friday: instead of finishing the test, you finished your lab cuz I figured the test would take too long to finish in one block.

Monday: Finish test and work on Ca(OH)2 lab write-up!