Month: December 2012

Week of Dec 17

What a crazy week! Monday: pKa lab…took a long time to get through the pre-lab part.¬† Showed video of how to do a titration, talked through Henderson-Hasselbach. Tuesday: I went to the play so class was cancelled…hopefully you worked on reviewing for test Wednesday: Test and Finish lab Thursday: Volleyball and lab analysis Friday: no […]

Week of Dec 10

Monday: Finish equilibrium test… homework: Ksp lab Tuesday: Review Acid Base properties with this and Chemactivity to learn Arrhenius and Bronsted Lowery definitions. Homework on calendar (review pH, pOH calculations) Wednesday: Strong/Weak Acids exploration to see the difference in pH and conductivity. ¬†conductivity did not work…must investigate this better next year! Rest of class working […]

Week of Dec 3

Monday:Ksp Lesson.¬† I typed up this lesson for us to work through, trying to make sure I taught you everything there was to know about Ksp, but I forgot to teach you how to handle common ions…next year! Tuesday:Test review day. I gave out more practice Free Response and the weather was so nice most […]