Month: January 2013

Week of Jan 28

Monday: Snow day! (Really, icy rain day.) Tuesday: Review for AS and PT test with multiple choice practice test. Wednesday: Test and organic naming of branched alkanes Thursday: Branched alkenes and ionic vs covalent bonding.  Using this packet.  Also handed out pages from IB databook for trends in IE, EA, EN and melting points. Friday: […]

Week of Jan 21

Monday was MLK day so no school. Tuesday was a teacher work day. Wednesday: We reviewed periodic trends and applied Coulomb’s law to explain them.  (Atomic radius, ionization energy, reactivity and electron affinity).  The big difference between AP and first year is to be able to explain the exceptions.  Homework was to read the dos […]

Week of Jan 14

Monday and Tuesday: work days, review days, time to ask me questions days. All block was spent working problems.  I think next year I should go over some key concepts rather than just working problems.  In the end the time spent doing homework didn’t result in strong ability to identify buffer systems.    So next […]

Week of Jan 7

Monday: Started with this worksheet and did buffer demo to introduce the concept.  Rest of class we spent on notes (Smart board notes) and buffer calculations. Homework: See calendar Get the Flash Player to see this video. Tuesday: Buffer Lab design day.  First started with a warm-up asking students to identify buffer systems to show them that a buffer could be made […]

Week of Jan 3

Only a 2 day week this week! Thursday: we started the second half of the acids-bases unit with the Salt Hydrolysis lab (more of an exploration really) that showed how some salts that aren’t obviously acids or bases affect the pH of a solution as if they were acids or bases.  Then you worked on […]