Month: February 2013

Week of Feb 11

Monday: Candy modeling.  Swedish fish and toothpicks to illustrate trig bipyramidal and octahedral.  Then marshmallows, life saver gummies and twizzlers to illustrate sigma and pi bonds. Tuesday: Electronegativity, polarity, polar bonds, percent ionic character, polar molecules, lecture and practice. Handed out a practice test. Wednesday: We started with some free response problems from the practice test […]

Week of Feb 4

Monday: Ionic Bond strength, melting points of ionic materials and metals + calculations of lattice energy using Born-Haber Cycle (continued in this packet).  Here’s the Smartboard notes (includes all notes from last week’s bonding lectures, too) Also handed tests back and there were some questions about what the AP exam will really be like.  Here’s […]