Month: March 2013

Week of 3/18

Monday: Gibbs free energy and equilibrium.  Had some practice AP test questions. Only took about half the class. The rest of class you worked on homework and practice test questions.  Note to self, update powerpoint to remove that misleading picture that made Caroline ask so many questions and add more mc questions about the relationship between […]

Week of 3/11

Monday: I was going to do the heat of solution lab while lecturing to short of shake things up, but I was afraid it would take too long so I didn’t do it…just old fashioned lecture and problem solving with this packet. Tuesday: Hess’s law and bond enthalpy lecture and problems. Wednesday: Heats of formation lecture and practice […]

Week of 3/4

Monday: Colligative properties lab.  Which one did we do… This one with stearic and lauric acid This one with the heating curves It’s getting colder.. or the one from Sally Vonderbrink? We ended up doing the It’s getting Colder lab which was easy a worked out pretty well. Tuesday: Review for test.  I put some info […]

Week of Feb 25

Monday:  Physical properties, started with boiling point graph WS, went over a little of physical properties ppt to give you the idea, then jigsaw activity to learn vocab and practice determining how IMF affect various physical properties.  Break then more ppt, specifically on vapor pressure since that is the lab we were going to do […]

Week of Feb 18

Monday: No school Tuesday: Beer’s Law Lab Wednesday: Beer’s Law Lab and review for test Thursday: Test Friday: Intermolecular forces vocab, concept map and notes.  Practiced identifying IMFs.