Month: April 2013

Week of 4/8

Monday: Lecture using powerpoint. First half was a review of electrochemical cell potential, the added on gibbs free energy and nernst equation. Tuesday: Two demos: copper plating a car key and electrolysis of aqueous sodium iodide. Had students draw the set-ups, label anode, cathode, negative positive electrodes, direction of electron flow, half reactions. Wednesday: Practice […]

Week of 4/1

Monday: teacher work day Tuesday: Redox review using CA 48.  Should have done more practice with predicting redox reactions (advanced ones), but was too inefficient!! Wednesday:  Warm-up using green sheet activity series.  Build a wet cell, electrochemical cell tutorial (worksheet) Thursday: CA 50 and 51 to learn Ecell and SHE Friday: Lab analysis using microvoltaic […]