Month: September 2013

Week of 9/23

Monday: Today I handed back the test and went over a few of the problems that many of you missed. I will be doing a retake for the formulas and moles parts (question 28-35) sometime early next week.  Today we spent working problems.  Many of you, it seems, have a hard time interpreting the problem so […]

Week of 9/16

Monday: Test day! Covered basic chem, mole problems, mass spec, chemical formula determination and naming. Tuesday: Solutions intro.  We started with some mole of ions problems from this worksheet. Then we talked about how dissolving happens, the ambiguity of the physical/chemical change.   We also talked about electrolytes and that molecular compounds make non-electrolytes because […]

Week of 9/9/13

Monday: Today we did the green chemistry lab. Kudos to those of you that did the pre-lab in advance! Next year, I will do this differently. I think I will have a person from each group meet with a person from each other group so that you can talk about and compare what each lab […]

Week of 9/3/13

Tuesday: First day stuff. Went over syllabus. Then tested out iPads doing safety activity on safety page. Need to adjust this activity next year. Kids can’t save work because all questions are required! And a bunch of the questions were cut off.  Homework was to get lab safety contract sign and read some of error […]