Month: October 2013

Week of 10/21/13

Monday: Unit 3 Gases and limiting reactant test day! Tuesday: Maxwell Boltzmann Distribution lesson.  Here’s a link to my lecture! Wednesday: PhET simulation for collision theory. Notes on collision theory.  HW: read about catalytic convertor. Video on catalytic converter.  A movie to explain today’s concepts.  Another movie that mixes Maxwell Boltzmann and the PE diagram. Thursday: Today […]

Week of 10/14/13

Monday: Teacher professional day Tuesday: Went over the AP problems from Friday. That took all class. Homework was to continue with whatever problems haven’t been finished, feel free to read! Wednesday: Went over solving stoichiometry problems with only volumes of gases. The big idea is that because a given volume has the same number of particles (moles) at […]

Week of 10/6/13

Monday: Limiting reactant and rxns of gases quiz. Rest of block to do Ideal Gas constant lab. Tuesday and Wednesday: I was out so you worked on this stuff. Thursday: Finish Ideal gas constant lab and work on any homework problems you haven’t done yet! Friday: Went over your limiting reactant test. Gas demos and […]

Week of 9/30/13

Monday: We started the limiting reactant and gases unit with a micromole rockets lab. I did this because it introduces you to some more types of reactions and gives you a real feel for the idea of limiting reactants. HW: Do pg 13-14 in your double displacement packet and review limiting reactant problems. Tuesday: I was hoping […]