Month: November 2013

Week of 11/18 to Thanksgiving

A copy of my typed, somewhat organized Equilibrium Notes! Monday: ICE Tables!  Equilibrium SMART Board notes on solving for equilibrium composition given K.  Use of quadratic formula (or wolfram alpha! or your solvers).  Near end of class introduced idea of Q, reaction quotient and how to interpret to determine if reaction in proceeding in forward […]

Week of 11/11

Monday: Veteran’s Day, no school Tuesday: Went over practice test questions Wednesday: Kinetics Test Thursday:  Reversible Reactions Simulation. Then Oscillating reactions demo and Notes on Equilibrium Constant with CA 39 Friday: More on equilibrium constant with CA 39. (Note to self, see notebook paper in binder has what problems to do). Specifically went over how to […]

Week of 11/4

Monday: First part of class was a review of all we’d learned so far.  Second half we did Ea worksheet. Tuesday: Teacher work day Wednesday: We went over how to calculate rate and determine rate laws.  Then I did some demos in preparation for you to design a lab to determine activation energy.  The iodine […]

Week of 10/28

SEE VIDEOS on UNIT 5 PAGE IF YOU MISSED ANYTHING THIS WEEK! Monday: I took the afternoon off to hang out with my mom. You guys watched the reaction mechanisms video, took notes and did some practice problems in the textbook. Tuesday: Still hanging out with my mom – you guys were to read an ozone article […]