Month: December 2013

Monday: Reviewed pH concepts from Friday’s homework, then did a chemActivity to learn the difference between Arrhenius and Bronsted-Lowery bases and definitions of conjugate acid/base. At the end we did a quick exploratory lab where you didn’t write anything down in a lab notebook.  We measured the pH and concductivity of HCl, HC2H3O2 and water and […]

Week of Dec 9

Monday/Tuesday: Snowday Wednesday: Review for Ksp quiz.  Should have been more organized here.  Needed to go over how to do problems when given cocentration of one ion, but not the other (Common ion effect and fractional precipitation).  Some spent time on lab and homework. Thursday: Middle school science fair so some were judges others did misc stuff […]

Week of 12/2/13

Monday: Started Ksp packet, but only made it partway through. Tuesday: The rescheduled turkey bowl Wednesday: Did pre-lab for Ksp lab and did some more in Ksp packet Thursday: Ksp lab.  Spent first half of class going over how to use equipment. Needed to show you how to use burets and how to set-up labquests to collect data […]