Month: January 2014

Week of 1/27

Last week we only had 2 days of school and one of them was short due to a 2 hour delay! Yay for snow days! On Thursday we did went over questions on the practice test and Friday I was out for most of the class so you worked on homework problems or the practice […]

Week of 1/13

This weeks notes! Monday: Make a buffer lab  (Make-up virtual lab) Tuesday: Finish buffer lab Wednesday: Warm-up problems that took longer than expected (See:This weeks notes!)  followed by titration virtual lab. Thursday: Analysis for titration lab. We did this together – it’s in: This weeks notes! Friday: Indicator lab and math to determine pH range that […]

Week of 1/6

Thursday (1/2): Today was our first day back from break and we started with a Standardization lab.  I explained why you need to standardize NaOH solutions and then you guys practiced performing titrations with an indicator, rather than a pH probe as in Ca(OH)2 Ksp lab.  Homework was to read the Half titration lab.  Oh, I […]