Month: February 2014

Week of 2/24

Monday: Today we reviewed the basic shapes and learned about hybridization, sigma and pi bonding. We did a candy activity to review the shapes and build sigma and pi bonds.  Note to self – do not eat the candy! Too much sugar! Also, needed to have culminating activity where kids practice determining sigma and pi […]

Week of 2/17

Monday: President’s Day Tuesday: Short b/c of 2 hr delay.  Went over tests. Wednesday: Ionic Bonding, Born Haber Cycles. Here’s today’s notes.  Also handed out unit outline  HW: Born Haber problem #4&5 (Cs2O) , Watch Lewis video (below) and do textbook problems 9.61, 9.63, 9.65 Thursday: Today we defined covalent bonding (Potential energy well) and practiced […]

Week of 2/3

Monday: Today we review a little PES based on this movie I found from the college board. We looked at the ionization energies of all 20 electrons in calcium to identify patterns that can be used to figure out which group an element is in.  For example, if the ionization energy for removing the first […]