Week of 2/24

Monday: Today we reviewed the basic shapes and learned about hybridization, sigma and pi bonding. We did a candy activity to review the shapes and build sigma and pi bonds.  Note to self – do not eat the candy! Too much sugar! Also, needed to have culminating activity where kids practice determining sigma and pi bonds, cuz the next day they struggled!

Tuesday: Today we reviewed some concepts + added the concept of bond order.  We did this warm-up with ozone which generated a ton of questions about sigma and pi bonding leading to my previous comment!

Wednesday: This was posted before class…so

Thursday & Friday: I was out, but left s stuff for you to work on the organic modeling lab and do some reading about how the strength of acid can be predicted using polarity and bond strength.  Here’s the answers to the organic modeling lab.

Week of 2/17

Monday: President’s Day

Tuesday: Short b/c of 2 hr delay.  Went over tests.

Wednesday: Ionic Bonding, Born Haber Cycles. Here’s today’s notes.  Also handed out unit outline 

HW: Born Haber problem #4&5 (Cs2O) , Watch Lewis video (below) and do textbook problems 9.61, 9.63, 9.65

Thursday: Today we defined covalent bonding (Potential energy well) and practiced Lewis structures, including resonance structures and structures that have more than 8 electrons around them (expanded valence). Notes here.  A good portion of the class was spent working homework problems, which was good cuz there was lots of questions!

Friday: Today I handed out the sheet from last year that summarized all the shapes and bond angles using the FIDO Molecular Shape Simulator– including the new shapes for 5 and 6 electron pairs around atoms and their derivations.  You can see one version here that is in color and shows the shapes nicely, but it doesn’t give bond angles and hybridization as my sheet does.  The rest of class we were supposed to work problems, but decided to go see the Marine Band instead because everyone assured me they could do the homework on their own!

Week of 2/10

Monday: Notes on Activity Series and Virtual Activity Series lab

Tuesday: Review/ work on Activity Series Lab

Wednesday: Test

Thursday/Friday: Snow days

Week of 2/3

Monday: Today we review a little PES based on this movie I found from the college board. We looked at the ionization energies of all 20 electrons in calcium to identify patterns that can be used to figure out which group an element is in.  For example, if the ionization energy for removing the first electron is 720 kJ and the energy for removing the second electron is 2800 kJ, we would guess that this atom is in the first group.  We also looked at the exceptions to ionization energy patterns as evidence, along with the PES model that showed we needed a 2s and 2p sublevel, that the Bohr model needed refinement.  We briefly discussed the contributions of Schroedinger, deBroglie and Heisenberg that led to a new model of the atom: the wave mechanical model and then went over the notation we use to describe electrons: orbital diagrams and electron configurations. Today’s notes. For review of periodic trends check out this page from first year chem.

Review of Today’s lecture from first year chem: