Month: March 2014

Week of 3/17 Thermochemistry

Videos for the whole unit in 2 hours (or maybe longer…): From NMSI Part 1 and Part II (here’s the notes to go with it, which you already have some of). HOMEWORK ANSWERS (except for ch. 9) Monday: Snow day. Arghhh. Tuesday: Review of calorimetry. Here’s the notes.  HW: textbook problems see unit outline Videos: From First […]

Week of 3/10

Monday: First half of class we completed our bonding models for metallic, molecular covalent and network covalent.  (my lecture outline), Smart Board Notes.  Second half I was at an IEP meeting so I left some reading for you on alloys and carbon allotropes + some worksheets on identifying type of bonding + IMF practice.   […]

Week of 3/3

Monday & Tuesday: Snow Days Wednesday: Test HW: Watch IMF video, do pg 2 in packet (concept map), 11.63, 11.103 Thursday: early release F and G cancelled Friday: Reviewed IMF terms, went over concept map, notes on ionic bonding model (my lecture outline).