Week of 9/1

Welcome AP Chem Students!

Answers for book probs

Need help with how to study? Use the notes I provided as well as your mass spec notes…make Cornell style notes for them.  This means making up a question in the margin that triggers you to remember whats in your notes.  Then cover the notes, ask yourself the questions to see if you remember!

This is the plan…and as we complete each day, it will change to what we actually did!




  • Handed out books today.  Had a good amount of time to work on book problems.  Important to note for next year that I need to make it more clear how to find the book problems and that each box on 2.18 can have more than one answer.
  • Plan was to do HW problems on MC, PT, AS, but most went home with homework.

Friday: Today’s notes, How to name stuff videos here.

Today we started with a warm-up going over some ideas that might not be in the textbook problems. You need to review the names of the families and the 2 numbering systems for periods on the periodic table. We also talked about the difference between pure substances, homogeneous, heterogeneous mixtures, and physical and chemical properties.  Then I handed out an isotope/mass spec worksheet which was a good introduction to familiarize you with a mass spec graph.  This reminded me to go over #25 in the textbook to remind you of how we calculate average atomic mass and why we can do it that way. Then we launched into mass spec lecture w/ a demo (3 kids as different sized atoms and 3 kids as different strength magnets). I think it worked out well for getting the big idea behind how a mass spec works.  Then we went over the diagram of the innards of an MS describing each part. I think it worked well to have the answers already posted so you could copy them. The most important parts are parts 2 (ionization) and 4 (deflection).  I gave you a couple moments to practice explaining how it works to a partner.  Next we went over how to actually determine the abundances and the average mass from a spectra by doing exercised 2 and 3 in the mass spec packet.  For the last 10-15 minutes we reviewed some naming.  If you need more see the videos available under unit 1.

HW: Finish lab, continue with book problems (through naming)

On Monday we’ll do some review of mass spec (what if there’s two elements??) and other topics as well as practice reaction balancing and the idea of the mole ratio.