Month: September 2014

Electrolyte Lab

Electrolyte Lab Each group will make 50 mL of the following solutions using a volumetric flask. a 0.1 M solution of calcium acetate monohydrate a 0.1 M solution of sodium acetate trihydrate a 0.1 M Sucrose (C12H22O12) solution a 0.1 M solution of potassium chloride a 0.1 M solution of strontium chloride hexahydrate 100 mL of a […]

Week of 9/29

Monday: Today we started w a couple questions from the homework. 5a on the last page asks for volume of water and it is important to note that you can’t use 22.4 L for that. Water is a liquid according to the reaction so must use the density of water. If u did not know […]

Week of 9/22

Monday: We spent the first 15 minutes working out the difficulties of submitting the labs online and going over the latest test.  Then we did the “Green Chemistry Mixtures Lab.” We just did the pre-lab. My goal was to a) work through a really hard problem on your own without me explaining it first. This […]

Week of 9/15

Monday: Hydrate lab.  In groups you worked on procedures and data table and then completed two trials to determine formula of hydrate. Tuesday: Review for test. See unit outline for objectives.  Today’s review problems are here. Answers to HW problems that are not blue: 3.13: find the moles of C6H6 by dividing by molar mass […]

Week of 9/8

Monday: Today we started by getting labs turned in which was kind of a pain…not sure how this ELN thing is gonna go.  Would be better if labs were typed.  We went over what’s on test (unit outline objectives), did some more naming instruction and practice as well as balancing reactions practice.  At the end we […]