Month: October 2014

Week of 10/27

Monday: Redox titration lab. This took longer than I thought! Those of you who understood what was going on on Friday were ready to go, but so many of you were not… Tuesday: Today we worked on balancing acid/base reactions. Here’s the link to Khan Academy to help if you need to see instructions for […]

Week of 10/20

Monday: Today we used the first half of class to work on the lab procedures and calculations.  During the 2nd half of class we talked about how to write a conclusion and do an error analysis.  Used this error analysis form. Advice for writing a conclusion Lab is due Friday: Group Procedures need to be SHARED […]

Week of 10/13

Monday: No class b/c of professional work day. Tuesday: Started lab (alkali metal carbonate lab) Wednesday: PSATs so only Srs worked on lab Thursday: was supposed to be the test, but I was easily talked out of it.  Most of you worked on homework to prepare for test Friday. Friday: Test and some finished lab […]

Week of 10/6/14

Monday: Today we went over double displacement reactions, solubility rules, net ionic, complete ionic and molecular equations and how to connect them with pictures. Notes.  I think we had some time to work on homework problems, too Tuesday: Today we reviewed complete, molecular and net ionic and introduced the idea of gravimetric analysis. Wednesday: Today we started with […]