Month: November 2014

Week of 11/17

 Monday: Today we reviewed for test. Here’s the notes from today and other days. Here’s some notes from last year that are somewhat more organized. Test  tomorrow. Tuesday: Test Wednesday:  PhET simulation for collision theory. Maxwell Boltzmann Distribution lesson.  Here’s a link to my lecture! Class worksheet.  HW: Read hand out regarding effusion and diffusion and answer […]

Week of 11/10

Monday: Today we started with notes on real vs. ideal gases. The take-away is that real gases experience electrostatic attractions and their volume is not insignificant. Most gases are ideal under low pressure (normal atmospheric conditions), but become real under really high pressures.  The rest of class we worked on designing the ideal gas constant […]

Week of 11/3

Monday: Test on redox reactions, Review gas laws on your own by reading textbook ch. 5 sections 1-3, pages 176-196 or review videos under unit 3. Do Textbook problems 5.39 to 5.49 odd only, 5.63 and 5.67 , 5.69, 5.71.  For using ideal gas law to calculate density or molar mass see examples on p 189-192. […]