Month: December 2014

Week of 12/15

Monday: Today we reviewed equilibrium concepts with a worksheet that shows and equilibrium graph and is only sort of good. The concepts are good except for calculating the new K! It comes out wrong! I went over this in class we calculated what the concentrations should be at equilibrium.  We reviewed Le Chatelier’s Principle by looking […]

Week of 12/8

Monday: Reviewed for kinetics test.  Here’s the notes. Also gave out this worksheet for more Ea practice. Test is moved to Thursday and will be a one block test. Tuesday: We started equilibrium today with these typed notes and these smart board notes. Mainly we went over the definition of equilibrium and the equilibrium constant. Wednesday:  A block: […]

Week of 12/1

Monday: First 1/2 started integrated rate laws.  Notes  2nd half listened to guest speaker talk about her college experience as an organic chemistry major. Tuesday: Finished integrated rate laws notes. Wednesday: Short b/c of switch for Town Meeting. Did pre-lab for Dye Fading lab and worked on homework problems Thursday: Dye Fading Lab Friday: Rate […]

Week of Thanksgiving

Monday: Reaction mechanism notes.  Also see video under unit 5 tab Tuesday: Review day. Just went over ideas we’d covered: collision theory, factors that affect rxn rates, various graphs. I had you draw various Boltznamm graphs and PE curves and try to remember the differences, axes and what they are used for. No school rest of week.