Month: January 2015

Week of 1/26

Monday: Finished with the buffer packet, specifically Henderson-Hasselbach, how to design a buffer and being very clear about what species are present in solutions. Here’s the notes. Rest of class you worked on homework.  Buffer Video link from Caroline V. Tuesday: Today was short so we just went over titration math.  Here’s the notes.  HW: book problems […]

Week of 1/19

Monday: No school, MLK holiday Tuesday: No school, Teacher workday Wednesday: We finished the buffer exploration lab in which I asked you to measure how much acid and base it took to change the pH of an acetic acid solution by 2. Then do the same with a sodium acetate solution and then the same […]

Week of 1/12/15

Monday: Review day number 2. We continued with this list of review questions and then you had a little time to work on problems from the textbook. Tuesday: Test on Acids and Bases (part 1) Wednesday: Salt hydrolysis lab and some notes on rules for salt hydrolysis. HW: read section in ch 16 on  salt hydrolysis. Thursday: CA 47. […]

Week of 1/5/15

Monday: We started with a review of pH and pOH calculations and where it comes from (Self-Ionization of water). Then we did the chemactivity on definitions of acids and bases.  Note to self- PLEASE remember to change the definitions for arrhenius! They are confusing! Anyway, once nearly everyone made it through the identification of conjugate […]