Week of 2/23

Monday: Review of ionic radii trends and Born-Haber cycle. Quiz next class. Answer key to ionic bonding essays.  Notes

Tuesday: Ionic bonding test

Wednesday: Organic Naming (alkanes and alkenes) and Lewis structures (plus went over bond length and resonance/ limitations of Lewis structures). Notes. Homework: see unit outline.

Thursday: snow day

Friday: Today started with a lecture on functional groups – mainly just identifying them and then learning to name carboxylic acids and alcohols. The second half of class we went over expanded valence compounds (some elements can have more than 8 electrons – put the extra electrons on the central atom). We also went over some examples of molecules that require formal charge rules to figure out the true structure.  Today’s notes.

Homework:see unit outline and watch this video!

Week of 2/16

Monday: president’s day holiday

Tuesday: snow day

Wednesday:  2 hr delay, but we still made it through a good chunk of the bonding packet. Here’s the notes.

Thursday: ionic radius and transition metal ions

Friday: Handed out unit outline (new format!). Melting points and bond strengths for ionic and metallic + Born Haber Cycles. At the end of class (which was also short b/c of a 2 hr delay) you worked in groups to draw the cycles and solve one of the Born Haber problems.  Notes.

Homework is to continue with google classroom essays and to finish the Born-Haber problem you were working on in class. On Monday we’ll review. Quiz on Tuesday.

Week of 2/9/15

Monday: Review of deviations in IE and PES that leads to refinement of Bohr model.  Rest of story that gets us to orbitals.  Went over rules for orbital diagrams, electron configs, noble gas, included exceptions of Cu and Cr as well as Hund and Pauli’s rule.  Also went over quantum numbers, but will need more practice with this tomorrow!  Notes

HW: Continue with Bohr Lab and working on problems in big packet

Tuesday: Today was meant to be a review of quantum numbers and electron config vocab after the mental math test and for the most part it was, but it was less structured than i meant it to be. We worked on the big packet – answering some tricky questions about the difference between impossible electron configurations, ions, and excited states.

Wednesday: review

Week of 2/2/15

Monday: Buffer Test

Tuesday: history of atomic structure.  HW: Bohr model and other review from first quarter

Wednesday: Bohr Model Lab.  Explained the energy concepts in advance of doing the lab.

Thursday: Giant packet: Started with Coulomb’s law. Then more evidence for Bohr model beyond spectroscopy (IE patterns for Calcium, 1st, 2nd, 3rd IE patterns and atomic radius.

Friday: Reviewed periodic trends, noted deviations and need for Bohr model to be revised. Then rest of class to work on PES packet in groups.  End of class there was time to work on Bohr model lab.

HW: problems in big packet.