Week of 3/16

Monday: IMF POGIL followed by starting the Physical properties Jigsaw.  Handed out POGIL, unit outline, powerpoint.

Tuesday: finished jigsaw and started practice packet.

Wednesday: Chromatography lab.  We made it through the first experiment + redesigned experiment.  We tried mixtures of NaCl and IPA.  Salomon stayed after school and redid the experiment. We ended up leaving it until the solvent was almost to the top which showed that NaCl was waaaaaay better than IPA. All three colors were clearly separate. So am thinking that we should mess with the amount of NaCl rather than adding IPA next year…

Thursday: Spider web for bonding types on large paper in groups (bonding in center, 5 spokes (separated NP and  P) list 5 properties for each type). Needed to give a hint that they should focus on the properties rather than just the definition of the types of bonds.  Then gave them 4 different whitish- solids that they had to determine type of bonding of.  We made it a game – first group to figure it out with least amount of info wins, but this just made them guess instead of having definitive evidence.

Friday:Review…finished the figure out type of bonding lab.  I did some formal review to clarify questions about IMF vs. covalent bonds.  Had about 15 min to work on packet.

Packet answers!


Week of 3/9/15

Monday: Today we learned to name aldehydes and ketones and then did the organic modeling lab. It was great practice for hybridization, sigma and pi bonding.  I briefly reviewed the idea of polar bonds so you could answer those questions, too.

Tuesday: Today we did the Phet Simulation on Molecular Polarity.  Used this to guide you. At the end of class we went over the shapes that are always non-polar.

Wednesday: Went over section 15.5 in textbook. 4 things that make acids strong – polarity in period, bond strength/atomic radius in a group of acid halides, number of oxygens in an oxyacid and electronegativity of the atom that isn’t H or O in oxyacids.  We went over part 2 of the organic modeling lab and then spent the rest of class practicing shapes and polarity (back of powerpoint packet).

What I am collecting on test day: Textbook problems and organic modeling lab!

Thursday: review day. You’ll have time to finish stuff or do the AP multiple choice problems.

Friday: Bonding Test!