Month: March 2015

Week of 3/16

Monday: IMF POGIL followed by starting the Physical properties Jigsaw.  Handed out POGIL, unit outline, powerpoint. Tuesday: finished jigsaw and started practice packet. Wednesday: Chromatography lab.  We made it through the first experiment + redesigned experiment.  We tried mixtures of NaCl and IPA.  Salomon stayed after school and redid the experiment. We ended up leaving […]

Week of 3/9/15

Monday: Today we learned to name aldehydes and ketones and then did the organic modeling lab. It was great practice for hybridization, sigma and pi bonding.  I briefly reviewed the idea of polar bonds so you could answer those questions, too. Tuesday: Today we did the Phet Simulation on Molecular Polarity.  Used this to guide you. […]