Month: September 2015

Week of Sept 28

Monday: You took your 1b test on moles and formulas and then we did some review of percent yield. Homework: watch video 2.a.3.1.  If that one doesn’t work, watch 2.a.3.2, 2.a.3.3, 2.a.3.4 all found on unit 2 page.  Try problem 3.93 from the end of chapter 3 in your textbook. Tuesday: Limiting reactant demo and LR practice […]

Week of 9/21

Monday: Avogadro lab.  Hopefully there will be enough time to talk through the conclusion so you won’t have so much to do tonight! Tuesday: The plan is to go over the grading system so you guys are clear on what you need to do to get an A, B, etc. and so that you can understand how […]

Week of 9/14

Monday: Today we started with a review of drawing particle level pictures. I had volunteers come up to draw various pictures (aqueous sodium chloride, aqueous carbon dioxide, solid lithium oxide, gaseous CO2, and then liquid CO2) which let me see where you guys were getting confused.  We also drew two reactions – HCl with Fe […]

Week of 9/8

Welcome AP Chem Students! This year I will be posting actual blog posts that will update you on what we’ve done in class and provide links to assignments and other documents. Just like last year, though, the unit tabs at the top will have the most complete information for a particular unit: links to answers, […]

Science Opportunities

The Society of Women Engineers at the University of Virginia invites high school seniors and juniors from Virginia to apply to our High School Visitation program on Saturday, November 19, 2016. The program gives young women a comprehensive look at engineering fields and UVA’s engineering curriculum through informative speakers and hands-on design activities. The program […]