Week of Jan 11

Monday: Review for acid base test. Spent most of class doing last page of CA 47 even though that was supposed to be done for homework + textbook problems. At the end we talked about possible essay questions and I tried to get you to anticipate possible questions.

Tuesday: Acid base (part 1) test.

Wednesday: Buffer Exploration Lab. Most groups were able to get enough data. Next year, need to use 1 M and make 0.5 M solutions of A, B, C.

Thursday: Science Fair prep

Friday: Discussed lab and took notes on buffers (Here’s last year’s which are a bit more complete. These  are my typed notesSuggest you user these.)  Got through #10 in the packet.

Week of Jan 4th

Monday: Today we started the acids and bases unit.  We reviewed pH and pOH calculations and then learned definitions (arrhenius and bronsted-lowery).  The second half of class we did the strong/weak chemtivity and then wrapped up the class with notes on organic acids and bases and then determining which direction a reaction will go.

Homework: watch the video below or HERE and do the problem on page 20 in the packet.

pHfromKa 0001 from Maggie Wiseman on Vimeo.


Tuesday: Today we did a little review of what we learned yesterday and spent the rest of class working textbook problems.

Wednesday: Today I introduced the pKa from half titration lab and you completed it.

Thursday: Today we did a little Salt Hydrolysis lab and then talked about how to predict whether a salt will be an acid or base.

Friday: Today we did 1-8 of this set of review questions and then did chemactivity 47.  Homework is to finish chemactivity 47 (through page 31 in your packets).  This video/simulation is a good way to review/learn what we did today if you were absent.

Answers for page IMG_2345 IMG_2346 31: