Month: February 2016

Week of 2/29

Monday: Today we went over VSEPR theory using these notes. (Video on VSEPR from last year). The 2nd half of class we went over hybridization, but did not cover sigma and pi bonds yet.  HW: finish molecular modeling lab except for c, d, and k (answers) on the instruction part. Work on textbook problems. Tuesday: We […]

Week of 2/22

Monday: Today we went over melting point trends for metals and ionic compounds and then learned how to draw Born-Haber cycles and calculate lattice enthalpy using them.  Here’s the notes. HW: Finish Google Classroom essays, read alloy pages of packet and finish Born-Haber problems in packet. Tuesday: Complex ion naming and start crystallization lab (make slides […]

Week of Feb 15

Monday: President’s Day Holiday Tuesday: Snow Day Wednesday: Review! Spent the first bit talking through PT and Coulomb’s law, then evidence for wave mechanical model. 2nd half of class worked on pages in giant packet. Thursday: Test Friday: Started new packet on ionic and metallic bonding. Went over differences in the 3 types of bonding.  See today’s notes […]

Week of Feb 8

Monday: Buffer and titration test Tuesday: no class/ Feb Fest Wednesday: Finish up Bohr model lab (cuz you all had questions about last 3 questions). Then work on packet through page 21, but did not finish CA 3 b/c it was not very good at explaining why potential energy was negative.  So I lectured on that. Thursday:  How […]

Week of Feb 1

Monday: Teacher work day/end of quarter  (last week was off b/c of snowzilla). Tuesday: Titration curve analysis.  I gave some notes and then had you make titration curves on big paper showing calculations for 4 different points. Wednesday: Finish titration curve analysis – talked about buffering region and location of equivalence point for weak acid and weak base […]

Week of Jan 18

Monday: Today we work on more pages in the buffer packet (7b packet). Went over more on buffers and I don’t really remember. Tuesday: Worked on buffer problems. Wednesday: Today we made buffers. Thursday – Friday and the next week: Snow days.