Week of 3/28

Monday: Review for properties test – I went over some basics, we did the chart in google drive and then we worked on packet problems.

Tuesday: Test

Wednesday: Today we took notes on energy and calorimetry.  Second half of class you did a calorimetry lab in which you designed methods to determine the heat of dilution for 18 M sulfuric acid and a reaction between acetic acid and sodium bicarbonate.   I think it was really good to make you write out the calculations and decide on data before getting started because you worked out some of the trickier parts of calorimetry – like using the total mass in the Q = mCdT equation.

Homework: Lab calculations.

Thursday: Today we went over 3 ways of calculating heats of reaction using given data (given in tables in the textbook or on a worksheet). Here’s the notes.  The three methods: Bond enthalpies, Hess’s Law and Heats of Formation.

Homework: Calorimetry calcs: 6.67, 6.69, 6.97, 6.101, 6.59, 6.61,  Hess’s law: 6.71, 6.73, Heat of formation: 6.77 and 6.79, Bond Enthalpy: 9.85, 9.107, 9.109

Friday: We started with a lecture on internal energy and work, then did exercise 1-3 in packet 1 starting on page 10.  Notes.

Homework: 18.31, 18.33

Week of 3/7

Monday: Today we went over the PE diagram for covalent bonds and tried to predict the diagram for N2, H2 and O2.  Then we talked about acid strength, including for transition metals.  We finished the 2nd part of organic modeling lab. Today’s notes.

HW: work on textbook problems.

Tuesday: Review. It was sunny! We went outside and worked on multiple choice test. In hindsight I wish I’d had them work on acid strength and polarity in particular!

Wednesday: Test on covalent bonding

Thursday: no class b/c short/early release.

Friday: We started with a review of electronegativity and polarity because this essential as we go into the intermolecular forces unit!  Once we were all comfortable using EN and molecular shape to determine the polarity of a molecule and determine which of two molecules would be more polar  we started the IMF pogil (packet 1). You all worked through page 7.  Then I gave these notes and we did page 10 as a class.

Answers to packet 1