Month: April 2016

Week of 4/24

Monday: Mock Exam! Free Response Tuesday: Grade mock exams Wednesday: Acid/Base Review Here’s the notes. Thursday: Ksp Review Friday: Kinetics Review Links to docs we talked about: Course and exam description Released free response for 2014 and 2015

Week of 4/18

Monday: No school, teacher work day, end of quarter Tuesday: Review of electrochemical cells Wednesday: Delta G, Equilibrium and Ecell for the first half.  Then the 2nd half: electrolysis. Thursday: Exam review Friday: Mock exam day – Multiple choice

Week of 4/11

Monday: Took thermo test Tuesday: Notes on redox and balancing redox reactions. HW: do practice balancing in packet and in textbook + watch this movie:

Week of 4/4

Monday: Today we did some review of heat problems (page 17 in packet 1) and then did the heat of fusion of water lab (pg 9).  Write-up is to do calculations and analysis questions on worksheet, but also to explain the theory behind the calculations (explain what is going on in the lab/how we are determining […]