Month: October 2016

Week of Oct 24

Monday Reviewed for 2b test. Since I want you to take test w/o calculator I showed some sample problems that you could expect and some tricks for solving them w/o a calculator.  Most of the class was spent working problems or working on your alkali carbonate lab. Tuesday Test day. Test was too long. Will […]

Week of 10/17

Monday: Today we worked on gravimetric analysis problems. We started by reviewing double displacement reactions in the packet and then I went over a typical ga problem.  The rest of class you worked on textbook problems. Tuesday: Today we started with the nomenclature quiz.  After that you worked on designing a lab to determine the […]

Week of 10/10

Monday: No school. Columbus Day. Tuesday: Review of molarity and dilutions, including solutions with common ions and molarity of ions. Wednesday Electrolyte lab.  I described how to make solutions, you guys made solutions using volumetric glassware than we measured conductivity of each of the 0.1 M solutions. The last bit of class you put data […]


Monday: Today we started with about an hour working limiting reactant problems from the packet.  I showed two other methods for finding the limiting reactant. Then I showed how to solve combustion analysis problems and you had about 10 minutes to work on textbook problems for this (3.16, 3.63, 3.103, 3.120).   Today’s notes. For the […]