Month: December 2016

Week of 12/19

Monday Today we reviewed some equilibrium concepts from last Thursday including dynamic equilibrium, writing equilibrium constants,  and solving ICE tables. We mainly did problems from the worksheet on page 17 in the packet.  The 2nd half I introduced the concept of the reaction quotient and LeChatlier’s principle. We ended with LeChatelier’s ship. Tuesday Today we did […]

Week of Dec 12

Monday: Today we started with review questions on graphs and half lives.  Here’s the link to the smart notes.  I realized that I should have asked a different question – instead of a graph of concentration vs time, needed to describe how a graph of moles or mass vs time would change. Here’s the notes […]

Week of Dec 5

Monday: Today we started with reading reaction rate graphs so you can understand how to get rates from a graph and so that you will understand how we get the data we used later to determine rate laws.  I had you guys work on CA 57 and for the first block.  At the beginning of […]

Week of Nov 28

Monday: Spent first half of class reviewing gas laws and working on AP problems.  2nd half you worked on lab write-ups. Tuesday: Because almost all groups had to work through some rather complicated calculations to detemine partial pressure, we spent all class doing the lab calculations. Wednesday: Gases Test Thursday: Notes on Kinetics – collision […]

Week of Nov 21

Monday: Most of you were out b/c of field trips, but some of the sophomore’s were here and worked on the lab. Tuesday: Last day to collect data for lab Rest of week: Thanksgiving!