Month: February 2017

Week of 2/20

Monday: No school b/c President’s day Tuesday: You all took your atomic structure test. Wednesday: Intro to bonding notes, ions formed by transition metals, ionic radii, ionic bond strength. Here’s the notes. HW: review what we learned today. Start google classroom questions. Thursday: Trends in ionic and metallic melting points + Born-Haber cycle notes. ¬†We […]

Week of 2/13

Monday: Today we started with review of atomic structure (first few pages of packet) and then worked on Coulomb’s Law ChemActivity. During the 2nd half we reviewed periodic trends including interpreting graphs and using pattern in IE to predict group or valence electrons of a given element. Tuesday: Today we reviewed with a couple of […]

Week of 2/6

Monday: Today we did the buffer capacity lab. I started with the question: What makes a good buffer? After brainstorming for a bit we went with testing 20mL of buffer by adding small amounts of 1 M HCl and 1 MNaOH (in separate trials) until the pH changed by two. ¬†Instructions for lab write-up are […]