Author: Maggie Wiseman

Week of 4/17

Monday No school. Grading day. Tuesday: Went over old redox test to review terms and concepts. Wednesday: Build a battery lab.  Groups of two built certain combinations of half cells and then everyone recorded the voltage of each cell.  You drew your half cell and then after doing the first part of CA 50 and […]

Week of 4/3

Monday: Today we worked textbook problems from chapter 18 all class to review all that we had learned regarding work, entropy, heat of reaction, gibbs free energy.  We did 18.31 to 18.55. Tuesday: We will work on delta G and equilibrium Wed/Thursday: We will review Friday: Thermo test

Week of 3/27

Monday: Lecture on exo/end, system vs. surroundings, calorimetry (including phase diagrams) using Thermodynamics part 1.  Second half of class we did bond enthalpy and hess’s law. Tuesday: We started with heats of formation problems form Thermodynamics notes part 1.  Then I went over work and internal energy at the beginning of Thermodynamics part 2. Wednesday: […]

Week of 3/6

Monday: Today we started by reviewing the 5 basic electron geometries and then I lectured on hybridization.  We spent the first half of class working through Molecular Modeling for you to practice figuring out hybridization.   Then we used the modeling kits to build structures that showed pi bonds. HW: Finish molecular modeling lab except […]

Week of 2/28

Monday: Review for ionic bonding test. Tuesday: Ionic bonding Test (unit 9a) Wednesday: I was out so you worked on reviewing stuff from last year in a google classroom assignment. Thursday: Today we started by learning organic naming.  And then in the last 15 minutes we went over resonance and calculating formal charge to determine […]

Week of 2/20

Monday: No school b/c President’s day Tuesday: You all took your atomic structure test. Wednesday: Intro to bonding notes, ions formed by transition metals, ionic radii, ionic bond strength. Here’s the notes. HW: review what we learned today. Start google classroom questions. Thursday: Trends in ionic and metallic melting points + Born-Haber cycle notes.  We […]

Week of 2/13

Monday: Today we started with review of atomic structure (first few pages of packet) and then worked on Coulomb’s Law ChemActivity. During the 2nd half we reviewed periodic trends including interpreting graphs and using pattern in IE to predict group or valence electrons of a given element. Tuesday: Today we reviewed with a couple of […]