Author: Maggie Wiseman

Sept 18: Solutions

Today we started with notes on the smart board (here’s a pdf copy).  We went over dissociation of ionic compounds and you did a piece of this activity. Homework is to do page 1 in giant worksheet packet (although doing page 4 would also be good since we did enough in class for you to […]

Sept 11: Work on Empricial formula virtual lab

Today we spent the short class completing the empirical formula virtual lab you started last class. I also handed out the lab for next class (Analysis of Alum) and a worksheet to help you with vocab on hydrates. Homework: Finish virtual empirical formula lab, read alum lab, you may also need to read the page […]

Sept 10: Empirical Formulas

Agenda: Hand out unit outline and objectives (google doc of objectives) Finish with Mass Spectrometry – how to get molecular weight (molecular ion) Law of definite proportions, relationship with atomic theory Quick notes on determining empirical or molecular formula (check website, unit 2 for videos) Lab notebook information and set-up, rubric, Lab Checklist Empirical formula Simulation Lab Virtual […]

Sept 6th

Stuff to know: •Unit objectives are available thru website or blog, (google doc, will continue to update) •Need to memorize ions Pick up flash cards (3 pages of card stock) Will have access to equation sheet and PT on part of your tests Pick up green packet (pg 2-5 if you click the link) Tonight’s […]

Sept 5th

Today we started with a little warm-up problem – a pretty challenging dimensional analysis problem.  Some of you need to review so here are some resources: Read the textbook – section 1.8 and do the corresponding problems – answers are in the back of the book for the blue numbered problems.   Here’s a video […]