Author: Maggie Wiseman

Week of 2/6

Monday: Today we did the buffer capacity lab. I started with the question: What makes a good buffer? After brainstorming for a bit we went with testing 20mL of buffer by adding small amounts of 1 M HCl and 1 MNaOH (in separate trials) until the pH changed by two.  Instructions for lab write-up are […]

Week of 1/30

Monday: Today we started with a quick review of what a buffer is and how to identify one. Tuesday: Today we started with the titration simulation so that you could see that not all equivalence points will be at a pH of 7.  We talked about why that happens for weak acids and bases (its […]

Week of 1/23

Monday: Today we started with some warm-up questions, reviewing Ka problems.  Then we did the salt hydrolysis exploration lab in which each person tested two ionic compounds  to see if they made the pH change. Here are the results. The rest of class we worked on understanding what happened in the lab and explaining it. […]

Week of Jan 16

Monday: MLK’s birthday. No school. Tuesday: Worked on page 12 in the packet – lots of questions, will review tomorrow. HW: textbook problems Wednesday: Reviewed all of the acid/base concepts we have learned so far.  Learned 7 strong acids to memorize. Here’s the notes from today.   Set up for half titration lab. Thursday: pKa […]

Week of 1/9/17

Monday: Ksp Lab. First half we did pre-lab. Then everyone set up the lab, but few got in a trial. Tuesday: Goal: to get 2 trials of data and do calculations. HW: lab report Wednesday: Review for test.  Focus on Ksp by working on 17.15 to 17.55 (odd). Thursday: Equilibrium and Ksp test Friday: Start […]

Week of 1/2

Monday No school/Holiday Tuesday: Review of some concepts we learned before break.  Started with pg 25 and 26 in the packet.  Then I used this simulation to review LeChatelier’s principle.  To practice you did the problems on page 30 in the packet. HW is to finish the LeChatelier Lab Q’s if you haven’t as well […]

Week of 12/19

Monday Today we reviewed some equilibrium concepts from last Thursday including dynamic equilibrium, writing equilibrium constants,  and solving ICE tables. We mainly did problems from the worksheet on page 17 in the packet.  The 2nd half I introduced the concept of the reaction quotient and LeChatlier’s principle. We ended with LeChatelier’s ship. Tuesday Today we did […]

Week of Dec 12

Monday: Today we started with review questions on graphs and half lives.  Here’s the link to the smart notes.  I realized that I should have asked a different question – instead of a graph of concentration vs time, needed to describe how a graph of moles or mass vs time would change. Here’s the notes […]

Week of Dec 5

Monday: Today we started with reading reaction rate graphs so you can understand how to get rates from a graph and so that you will understand how we get the data we used later to determine rate laws.  I had you guys work on CA 57 and for the first block.  At the beginning of […]