Author: Maggie Wiseman

Week of Nov 28

Monday: Spent first half of class reviewing gas laws and working on AP problems.  2nd half you worked on lab write-ups. Tuesday: Because almost all groups had to work through some rather complicated calculations to detemine partial pressure, we spent all class doing the lab calculations. Wednesday: Gases Test Thursday: Notes on Kinetics – collision […]

Week of Nov 21

Monday: Most of you were out b/c of field trips, but some of the sophomore’s were here and worked on the lab. Tuesday: Last day to collect data for lab Rest of week: Thanksgiving!

Week of Nov 14

Monday: Today I showed a simplified derivation of PV= nRT.  You did some problems in the textbook and then derived 22.4.  Then you did some PV = nRT with stoichiometry problems  in the packet.  Then I gave you an equation for density and molar mass and asked you to derive an equation for molar mass in […]

Week of 11/7

Want to be a Science Fair Judge? 545-615 Dinner (optional) 615-830 Judging If you can do it, you should fill out this form. Here’s your incentive: I will drop your lowest, non-missing grade for data collection, data analysis, and either one conclusion or one design grade during 2nd quarter.  The plan is to do […]

Week of Oct 31

Monday: Today’s class was broken up into two halves, but the whole class was spent working on the activity series  lab. The first half we did the experimental part and the 2nd half we did the simulation.  (See Google Classroom) At the end of class I went over how to write half reactions for single replacement […]

Week of Oct 24

Monday Reviewed for 2b test. Since I want you to take test w/o calculator I showed some sample problems that you could expect and some tricks for solving them w/o a calculator.  Most of the class was spent working problems or working on your alkali carbonate lab. Tuesday Test day. Test was too long. Will […]

Week of 10/17

Monday: Today we worked on gravimetric analysis problems. We started by reviewing double displacement reactions in the packet and then I went over a typical ga problem.  The rest of class you worked on textbook problems. Tuesday: Today we started with the nomenclature quiz.  After that you worked on designing a lab to determine the […]

Week of 10/10

Monday: No school. Columbus Day. Tuesday: Review of molarity and dilutions, including solutions with common ions and molarity of ions. Wednesday Electrolyte lab.  I described how to make solutions, you guys made solutions using volumetric glassware than we measured conductivity of each of the 0.1 M solutions. The last bit of class you put data […]


Monday: Today we started with about an hour working limiting reactant problems from the packet.  I showed two other methods for finding the limiting reactant. Then I showed how to solve combustion analysis problems and you had about 10 minutes to work on textbook problems for this (3.16, 3.63, 3.103, 3.120).   Today’s notes. For the […]