Author: Maggie Wiseman

Week of 9/19

Monday: Today we did the Avogadro lab.  Most were able to get a bunch of trials and do initial calculations. HW: fill in lab report except for conclusion. We’ll do that in class tomorrow.   Make sure you’ve reviewed the videos on empirical and molecular formulas for class on Wed.   Tuesday: Today we worked […]

Week of 9/12

Monday: Today we started with a warm-up on the difference between chemical and physical properties.  This helped us review molecular level drawing ideas. Then we did  a bunch of lecture on why we think there are atoms/evidence for atoms. If you missed the lecture (check out these notes from class or these typed notes.) and […]

Week of 9/5

Welcome AP Chem Students! This year I will be posting actual blog posts that will update you on what we’ve done in class and provide links to assignments and other documents. Just like last year, though, the unit tabs at the top will have the most complete information for a particular unit: links to answers, […]

Week of 5/9

Monday: End of year plan presented: you will design 2 labs and do 2 scripted labs.  The first lab is to design an experiment to investigate factors that affect electrochemical cells.  Link to materials

Week of 4/24

Monday: Mock Exam! Free Response Tuesday: Grade mock exams Wednesday: Acid/Base Review Here’s the notes. Thursday: Ksp Review Friday: Kinetics Review Links to docs we talked about: Course and exam description Released free response for 2014 and 2015

Week of 4/18

Monday: No school, teacher work day, end of quarter Tuesday: Review of electrochemical cells Wednesday: Delta G, Equilibrium and Ecell for the first half.  Then the 2nd half: electrolysis. Thursday: Exam review Friday: Mock exam day – Multiple choice

Week of 4/11

Monday: Took thermo test Tuesday: Notes on redox and balancing redox reactions. HW: do practice balancing in packet and in textbook + watch this movie:

Week of 4/4

Monday: Today we did some review of heat problems (page 17 in packet 1) and then did the heat of fusion of water lab (pg 9).  Write-up is to do calculations and analysis questions on worksheet, but also to explain the theory behind the calculations (explain what is going on in the lab/how we are determining […]

Week of 3/28

Monday: Review for properties test – I went over some basics, we did the chart in google drive and then we worked on packet problems. Tuesday: Test Wednesday: Today we took notes on energy and calorimetry.  Second half of class you did a calorimetry lab in which you designed methods to determine the heat of dilution […]

Week of 3/7

Monday: Today we went over the PE diagram for covalent bonds and tried to predict the diagram for N2, H2 and O2.  Then we talked about acid strength, including for transition metals.  We finished the 2nd part of organic modeling lab. Today’s notes. HW: work on textbook problems. Tuesday: Review. It was sunny! We went outside […]