Author: Maggie Wiseman

Week of Nov 30

Monday: Today we started the equilibrium unit with my oscillating rxn demo that didn’t work probably b/c I did not use distilled water! Ugh! Then we did the reversible reactions simulation from PhEt and then did the penny moving lab to derive the equilibrium constant and learn the difference between the constant and the equilibrium […]

Week of Nov 16th

Monday: Dye fading lab! Note to self: blue needs full strength bleach and takes only about 5 min. Red works the best with the weaker bleach. Yellow does not work. Also, we need more colorimeters! Tuesday: Do Dye Fading Lab Analysis Wedneseday: We started with the ozone article and questions after you guys got your labs turned in. […]

Week of Nov 9

Monday: Today we did chemactivity 36 to learn how to calculate reaction rates.  I tried to do the iodine clock demo, but it did not work for some reason…next we tried the iodine clock lab but had major difficulties with it. Some of you got no results and some of you had the middle concentrations […]

Week of Nov 2

Monday: Design lab time! Last day to collect all your data.  Grades as follows: Due next Monday, Nov 9th. Experimental Methods Math Data Collection and Presentation  Shows thorough understanding of method, thorough explanation of a detailed plan (procedures, including calculations) as we as thorough evaluation of results.  Demonstrates thorough ability to apply mathematical process and can […]

Week of 10/26

Monday: Gas Laws Simulation Lab Tuesday: Today we went over the Dumas method of determining molar mass.  We did #13 in the packet (and connected to empirical formula).  Then I gave you a copy of this set of procedures and data to see how you could do this experimentally.  Real value was ethanol.  The last bit of […]

Week of 10/19

Monday: Your goal is to figure out which alkali metal it is.  As a group you will write procedures that will both explain the procedures and the calculations behind the procedures.  You will do the lab on Monday and hopefully have enough time to do the calculations. Homework will be to write a conclusion.  Grades will […]

Week of 10/12

Monday: No school – Columbus Day Tuesday: Today we went over gravimetric analysis (see videos on unit 2 page if you missed them or need help).  I showed you how vacuum filtration works and we did the lab based problem on page 22 of the packet.  This is actually the answer, but we just covered […]

Week of 10/5

Monday: Review for the stoichiometry test tomorrow.  We started with homework problems and it became apparent that most of you had not done much limiting reactant work so we started going over the first problem on the limiting reactant section.  This was helpful because some of you were thinking of this in terms of atoms rather […]

Week of Sept 28

Monday: You took your 1b test on moles and formulas and then we did some review of percent yield. Homework: watch video 2.a.3.1.  If that one doesn’t work, watch 2.a.3.2, 2.a.3.3, 2.a.3.4 all found on unit 2 page.  Try problem 3.93 from the end of chapter 3 in your textbook. Tuesday: Limiting reactant demo and LR practice […]

Week of 9/21

Monday: Avogadro lab.  Hopefully there will be enough time to talk through the conclusion so you won’t have so much to do tonight! Tuesday: The plan is to go over the grading system so you guys are clear on what you need to do to get an A, B, etc. and so that you can understand how […]