Author: Maggie Wiseman

Week of 9/14

Monday: Today we started with a review of drawing particle level pictures. I had volunteers come up to draw various pictures (aqueous sodium chloride, aqueous carbon dioxide, solid lithium oxide, gaseous CO2, and then liquid CO2) which let me see where you guys were getting confused.  We also drew two reactions – HCl with Fe […]

Week of 9/8

Welcome AP Chem Students! This year I will be posting actual blog posts that will update you on what we’ve done in class and provide links to assignments and other documents. Just like last year, though, the unit tabs at the top will have the most complete information for a particular unit: links to answers, […]

Science Opportunities

The Society of Women Engineers at the University of Virginia invites high school seniors and juniors from Virginia to apply to our High School Visitation program on Saturday, November 19, 2016. The program gives young women a comprehensive look at engineering fields and UVA’s engineering curriculum through informative speakers and hands-on design activities. The program […]

Error Propagation

Error Propagation: Adding and Subtracting Multiplying and Dividing by a Constant Multiplying and Dividing when more than one number has an uncertainty Multiple operations + a constant

Week of 4/6/15

HOMEWORK SOLUTIONS for ch. 18 Monday: No school, teacher work day Tuesday: Review of entropy and gibbs free energy informally. Then worked on multiple choice entropy problems. Wednesday: Review of equilibrium concepts.  Just asked what you remembered and then lead you through some ideas (Le Chatelier, Q vs K).  Then lecture on meaning of delta […]

Week of 3/23

Monday: Instead of having the test we started the thermo unit.  We went over Q=mCdeltaT, did a lab with CaCl2 and the baking soda/vinegar reaction to calculate heat of reaction/mole.  We also did some Qin = -Qout problems and briefly went over heating curves and those calculations. Tuesday: Test on IMF and properties Wednesday: Warm […]

Week of 3/16

Monday: IMF POGIL followed by starting the Physical properties Jigsaw.  Handed out POGIL, unit outline, powerpoint. Tuesday: finished jigsaw and started practice packet. Wednesday: Chromatography lab.  We made it through the first experiment + redesigned experiment.  We tried mixtures of NaCl and IPA.  Salomon stayed after school and redid the experiment. We ended up leaving […]

Week of 3/9/15

Monday: Today we learned to name aldehydes and ketones and then did the organic modeling lab. It was great practice for hybridization, sigma and pi bonding.  I briefly reviewed the idea of polar bonds so you could answer those questions, too. Tuesday: Today we did the Phet Simulation on Molecular Polarity.  Used this to guide you. […]

Week of 2/23

Monday: Review of ionic radii trends and Born-Haber cycle. Quiz next class. Answer key to ionic bonding essays.  Notes Tuesday: Ionic bonding test Wednesday: Organic Naming (alkanes and alkenes) and Lewis structures (plus went over bond length and resonance/ limitations of Lewis structures). Notes. Homework: see unit outline. Thursday: snow day Friday: Today started with a lecture […]

Week of 2/16

Monday: president’s day holiday Tuesday: snow day Wednesday:  2 hr delay, but we still made it through a good chunk of the bonding packet. Here’s the notes. Thursday: ionic radius and transition metal ions Friday: Handed out unit outline (new format!). Melting points and bond strengths for ionic and metallic + Born Haber Cycles. At the […]