Unit 07: Acids & Bases

Acids and Bases

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 Tutorials and other Links:

  • Electrolytes Tutorial  (Blackboard –> Chapter Resources –> Chapter 4 –> Learn on your own –> CIA Demonstration: Conductivity Apparatus – Ionic versus Covalent Bonds and electric pickle!)
    • Notes To take:
      • When is needed in order for solutions to conduct electricity?
  • pH from pKa from textbook
  • Blackboard –> Chapter Resources –> Chapter 16 –> Learn on your own –>  “Acid Base Properties of Salt Solutions
    • Notes to take :
      • When weak acid reacts with a strong base, why does the reaction go to completion?
      • What questions should you ask yourself when determining if a salt will affect the pH?
      • Why is it important to know the list of strong acids and bases?
      • How do you calculate the pH of salt solution?
      • How is the ICE table used for determining the pH of a salt solution similar to solving regular acid-base problems? How is it different?
      • When and why do you need to know the relationship between Kw, Ka and Kb?
      • How do you determine whether a mixture of a weak acid and weak base will be acidic or basic?
  • Buffer Simulation
  • Buffer notes
  • Titration Simulation



Titration Technique: