Unit 08: Atoms & PT

Atomic Structure and Periodic Trends

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Bohr Model and Emission Spectroscopy

Periodic Trends

  • Ionization Energy Data to graph There are 2 graphs to make. One is just a graph of all 20 ionization energies for Calcium (first tab). The second is a graph with three sets of data on it – the 1st, 2nd, 3rd ionization energies for the first 20 elements.
  • Dos and Don’ts Notes

Quantum Mechanics

My notes


  • Electron configs


My lecture:

Online Quizzes for Unit 8
2.c.3: Atomic Emission Spectra: The short version

2.c.4: Atomic Emission Spectra: The long version
2.c.5: Electron Configurations – the theory behind them
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2.c.6: Electron Configurations – how to use them

The old/longer version:

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Challenge Activities
  1. If you think you already know the families and patterns: do this challenge