Week of 10/13

Monday: No class b/c of professional work day.

Tuesday: Started lab (alkali metal carbonate lab)

Wednesday: PSATs so only Srs worked on lab

Thursday: was supposed to be the test, but I was easily talked out of it.  Most of you worked on homework to prepare for test Friday.

Friday: Test and some finished lab / filtering/ getting final masses.  Monday we will work on lab some more so that is not homework this weekend.  On Monday we will get in groups, finalize procedures, make sure everyone has all the data they need and go over how to write conclusions since many of you need to improve in this area.

Homework this weekend is to start preparing for our next unit on Redox Reactions:

  • Watch first two videos here (they are flash so will need a computer not an iphone, I think) http://www.mwiseman.com/courses/chem_ap/units/unit08.php
    • Redox Introduction
    • Determining if a reaction is a redox reaction
  • Watch these two videos found under  unit 4
    •    Single Replacement Reactions Video found under unit 4
    • Introduction to Redox / Reactions in Aqueous Solutions: Oxidation/Reduction under  unit 4
  • Optional: Read section 4.5