Week of 10/20

Monday: Today we used the first half of class to work on the lab procedures and calculations.  During the 2nd half of class we talked about how to write a conclusion and do an error analysis.  Used this error analysis form.

Advice for writing a conclusion

Lab is due Friday:

  • Group Procedures need to be SHARED with me.  DO NOT put in google classroom.
  • Individual pictures of lab notebook, data collection, calculations and TYPED CONCLUSION need to be turned in in GOOGLE CLASSROOM

HW: Watch first 4 videos found here on Unit 4 page. and work on lab

Tuesday: Today we did a warm-up to review concepts from video.  We also did the redox text frame and this page (answers), to learn how to predict oxidation states.

HW: Work on lab write-up.  Watch activity series video here. Do text frame, this page (answers), and Single replacement reaction practice in big packet (pg 46)

Wednesday: Today we worked on the Activity Series Simulation. There was not enough tiem to do the experiment part, too so only the simulation was completed.   This lab will be due Monday.

Thursday: Today was short because we had an early release day. We started with a problem from one of the worksheets on how to determine oxidation state, whether a rxn is redox and what gets reduced/oxidized.  Then I went over how to balanced redox reactions in acidic solution. If you missed it, instructions are in the packet I gave your or in your textbook. I don’t have a video online, but I’m sure there’s one somewhere.

Friday: The first half we did the experimental part of the activities series lab and had some interesting results because the iron solution was acidic! We also had time to decide on an activity series for the experimental part.  You will need to do the same thing with your simulation.   The second half of class we went over what titration is and how to do a redox titration.  If you missed class you should watch the redox titration video in Blackboard under the homework section.

1) Finish lab for Alkali Carbonate and turn in by Sunday 8 am

2) Finish Activity Series Lab by Monday

3) Work on balancing redox.

On Monday we will do the Redox Titration lab,

We will review on Tuesday and take a Quiz on Wednesday!