Week of 10/26

Monday: Gas Laws Simulation Lab

Tuesday: Today we went over the Dumas method of determining molar mass.  We did #13 in the packet (and connected to empirical formula).  Then I gave you a copy of this set of procedures and data to see how you could do this experimentally.  Real value was ethanol.  The last bit of class we worked on multiple choice problems and I pointed out how with gases at the same T and P, volume ratios could be considered the same as mole ratios.

Wednesday: Today we started out finishing the multiple choice questions in your packet as well as predicting reactions, recalling net ionic and drawing pics.  The biggest takeaway is that metals are always solid and do not have charges and do not dissolve when mixed with water (they react, but are not soluble in their elemental, non-ionized, form).  Also when drawing gases, make sure to draw them outside the beaker.  Next we went over Dalton’s law of partial pressure and did the more advanced calculations involving mole fraction, collecting a gas over water and what pressure and volume to use in PV=nRT when you have a mixture of gases.  For the last 20 minutes you planned the next design lab.  The goal is to design a lab to measure R for two different gases and to see that the R’s are the same for different gases and to compare to accepted value.  Today’s notes (including answers for MC) are here.

Thursday, Friday:   Design lab

Monday: Finish lab/ Review

Wednesday: Test