Week of 10/27

Monday: Redox titration lab. This took longer than I thought! Those of you who understood what was going on on Friday were ready to go, but so many of you were not…

Tuesday: Today we worked on balancing acid/base reactions. Here’s the link to Khan Academy to help if you need to see instructions for these still

Wednesday: We spent the first half working on the Redox titration lab.  The second half we started going over some activity series concepts using the powerpoint questions.  I tried to do some harder ones on the fly, but realized I needed to think about how to teach this better…

Thursday: Handed out this packet to help you interpret activity series for redox reactions that aren’t so straightforward.

Friday: Did some mental math practice on percents and fractions. The goal was just to talk about how to solve the various problems/ to learn different strategies that might be useful.  Next we started our gases unit by learning PV=nRT, did some problems in the textbook and then did the baggy challenge.

Test on Redox on Monday!