Week of 10/6/14

Monday: Today we went over double displacement reactions, solubility rules, net ionic, complete ionic and molecular equations and how to connect them with pictures. Notes.  I think we had some time to work on homework problems, too

Tuesday: Today we reviewed complete, molecular and net ionic and introduced the idea of gravimetric analysis.

Wednesday: Today we started with a warm-up on complete, molecular and net-ionic reactions and then the rest of the block you had to work gravimetric analysis problems.

Thursday: We started with drawing pictures of partially soluble, fully soluble and weak and strong electrolytes. This took most of the class. A couple of you had great insights that the difference between partially soluble and saturated is hard to tell…mainly because we need to compare two compounds to determine partial solubiliity and compare 2 different amount of dissolved solute for teh same compound to determine saturation.  I went over a quick molarity to molarity problem – volumetric analysis and then in the last 10 minutes I handed out the IB problem that had 3 reactions and crazy SI units that made it more challenging.

Friday: We started with identifying pros and cons of complete, net ionic and molecular equations.  Talked about them briefly then moved on to finish the worksheet we’d started yesterday.  The process of having slept on it must have helped b/c there wasn’t so much consternation this morning! Next we did the mental math challenge test to set a baseline for improving. 10 minutes for 20 problems is about right.  The second half of class you worked in groups of 6 to plan a lab for determining the alkali metal in an alkali metal carbonate.  Also, I moved test to next Thursday and decided to provide all the solubility rules.