Week of 1/12/15

Monday: Review day number 2. We continued with this list of review questions and then you had a little time to work on problems from the textbook.

Tuesday: Test on Acids and Bases (part 1)

Wednesday: Salt hydrolysis lab and some notes on rules for salt hydrolysis. HW: read section in ch 16 on  salt hydrolysis.

Thursday: CA 47. HW finish CA 47 except for the last problem (calculation)

Friday: We started with a review of predicting acid/base for salt solutions. Then we went over the math for calculation of pH of salts.  Then we talked about what happens when you add strong acid or base to weak acid and weak base solutions and I pointed out that when you “neutralize” a weak acid with a strong base the resulting pH is not 7 because of the conjugate base that is left over.  The rest of class we worked on a lab to look at how adding strong acid and strong base changes the pH of weak acid and weak base solutions as well as a solution that is a mixture of both the weak acid and its conjugate base (acetic acid and sodium acetate).  Notes.