Week of 11/7

Want to be a Science Fair Judge?

545-615 Dinner (optional)

615-830 Judging

If you can do it, you should fill out this form. 


Here’s your incentive: I will drop your lowest, non-missing grade for data collection, data analysis, and either one conclusion or one design grade during 2nd quarter.  The plan is to do at least 2 design labs in 2nd quarter.


Time to review for redox quiz. Then you took quiz. Note to self: This quiz apparently takes 2 blocks!


Grading day


KMT & Simulation


Gas laws review and practice. Read sections 5.1 and 5.2 or for video notes try these: 3.a.3.2 for Boyle, Charles and Gay-Lussac Problems, 3.a.3.3 for combined gas law, or this one that does not show math, just shows relationships between variables.

Do textbook problems: 5.39 to 5.49 odd only


No school. Veteran’s day.