Week of 1/19

Monday: No school, MLK holiday

Tuesday: No school, Teacher workday

Wednesday: We finished the buffer exploration lab in which I asked you to measure how much acid and base it took to change the pH of an acetic acid solution by 2. Then do the same with a sodium acetate solution and then the same with a mixture of acetic acid and sodium acetate.  The results came up really well!

Lab write-up should include:

  • DN: lab notebook filled in properly,

  • DC: data collected along with procedure notes.

  • DP: presentation of data in an organized easy to interpret way and some statements of things you notice/ patterns / things that you thought were surprising / etc. Just think about your data.

  • C: Conclusion that is typed and submitted in google classroom. This should contain everything a normal conclusion contains, but will include much more theory as you explain your results in terms of buffer theory and perhaps less error analysis as you only did one trial of each.  You should comment on the validity as it relates to the theory.  If your results are unexplainable that indicates that something went awry and you should highlight that. Make sure to use data values to justify your claims and make sure to give a sense of the uncertainty in your measurements and conclusions.

Thursday: Lectured on lewis acids and had about 10 minutes to work on homework problems (See unit outline)

Friday: Lectured on buffers using these guided notes.  Here’s the class notes.