Week of 1/2


No school/Holiday


Review of some concepts we learned before break.  Started with pg 25 and 26 in the packet.  Then I used this simulation to review LeChatelier’s principle.  To practice you did the problems on page 30 in the packet.

HW is to finish the LeChatelier Lab Q’s if you haven’t as well as do pg 35 in the packet.


Review K & Q problems (ICE tables). Notes on Kc vs Kp – mainly how to convert from one to the other.  Equilibrium practice (rest of packet).


Solubility equilibrium – spent most of class working through first page of new solubility packet.  Then I lectured on what solubility limits and the difference between saturated, unsaturated and supersaturated w/ some demos. Here’s answers to first page and some notes.  Here’s answer to whole packet.